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We have a very simple and straightforward program for becoming a New Realty Group Agent or for Brokers wanting to Head Up your New NRG Virtual Branch Office.  No franchise or licensing fees and an extremetly simple and beneficial system of services offered for reasonable (very small) fees.  We are ideal for the entrepreneur who would like to save on E&O costs and accounting services; who would like to be part of something bigger rather than forging alone as a sole propriertorship, but, who likes to do things their own way without paying unjustifiable dollars for trivial, if not contrived ‘benefits’.  free

We are a source for information and support as well as a growing network that continues to enhance our psychological benefit to consumers.  We are an invaluable benefit to the Agents and Brokers that we advocate and assist and constantly championing our offices and agents to think outside of the box and meet the needs of their communities in their individually intelligent ways.Call or email to learn more about this green, sane, humanistic approach to Real Estate where the bottom line is only 1 small factor in
the equation of serving the agent, the broker, the public.


Nancy Hiller, Owner/Broker