Buyer and Seller Benefits


About Us

We choose to ban our efforts together from coast to coast in order to serve the public, solely instead of attempting to serve Two Masters: Our Real Estate Client and the bottom line of our former brokerage firms. Almost without exception, there was a conflict between the best service to one and the requirements of the latter and agents around the country got caught in the middle. We believe our ONE master to serve is the public and to the best of our capabilities we have cut away all of the former conflict of interest inherent in the old system.

We offer a full range of products, services, tools, and training, as well as a low-cost, resource-full brokerage firm for our independent-minded, savvy, seasoned and successful real estate Agents. With no company Rral estate holdings of our own (such as the brick and mortar office properties), corporate investing, franchise fees, upper corporate advertising and hefty salaries to feed, we can effectively cut out the ‘middle man’ (high commission-split brokerage firm owner). This gets your real estate agent and you, the client, one giant step closer. Agents are no longer bound to limited services, big firm self-serving policies and set-in-stone fee agreements – for the first time since ‘agency’ was created, we can truly now uphold our fiduciary to our clients.

The NRG agents have all of the constantly updated tools provided to them to keep current for the unparalleled meeting of Buyers’ and Sellers’ real estate needs. Our agents operate as individual business owners and are free to
serve each unique individual and their real estate situation in the most efficient and single-minded fashion.